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5 Costly Mistakes Undergraduates Make Unconsciously – Avoid Them!

Every day we come across a lot of people, mostly young individuals with vision for a brighter tomorrow. But when you sit with them and ask the deeper questions as to why they make some decisions, they seem to have no clue to what they have done. Analyzing the situation, I came across some blunder that they have committed on the long run, amongst them are five listed below:


As a statement it sounds very okay, but its contextual meaning in the educational terrain, seems bizarre. Most students today do not actually know what is happening around them, as all they seem concerned about is classes, reading textbooks and materials given to them by their respective lecturers… so in the long run, they get good grades and they are promoted to the next level. Does it actually end there?

Many have forgotten that school is just an eye opener to what the real world offers. That is why today we have graduates with 1st class and 2nd class with no specific skill and they complain of not been employed, when they cannot even open MSWORD with a mouse or even shutdown a computer. They would go ahead to blame the witches of their mother’s and father’s land for every misfortune when in the real sense they cannot even hold down a steady conversation on topics like sports, politics, music, books… think outside the box and see what the real world has got to offer.

“School will only sharpen you but your skills will decorate you”


Knowing the entails of writing a very good CV is not a bad idea in its own sense. But have you asked yourself what life will be like without writing a CV? Or is it a bad idea to have people submitting to you as against you submitting yours and putting your fate and destiny in another person hands, when sometimes they would not even look through it, is that not touching?.
I believe writing a CV in the long run will condition your mind that you have to be employed by a person which is not a bad idea in its self, but the truth is you will never get a better shot at life. But not putting all your effort into writing a CV, will open a window of opportunity because then your thinking is not caged and thus, while you think of a person employing you, you can also think of creating employment and employing others, a win-win situation right?.
But come to think of it, the wealthiest and influential people in the world today never sat down to write a CV (In doubt? Google is your friend). So friend, instead use that paper as a drawing board and sketch the structure of a perfect business plan with the little you have and see your little efforts become positively viral.

“Do not waste time thinking on how to write a killer and enticing CV, instead use that time in thinking how you can make your life better even with your little resources.”


The duos are perfect dream assassins. Do not ever plunge into their arms. For nothing should you regret where you find yourself, what course you are studying… or pity yourself for nothing, because if you do, you will never make it in life.
Do not sit and compare yourself to your neighbors who are studying engineering, medicine, law or what have you, for they do not guarantee life security. Your security comes from within, so please overlook the bandwagon that scorn your course of study and focus on building a niche for yourself in any sector that you find yourself.
Look deep and realize what it is you love doing most and then go ahead to integrate it with what you are doing now and if you do not make it in life, doubt my credibility. Life and wealth is up for grabs to those that are daring, so let others waste their time in laughter while it actually becomes your driving force and motivator.

“Please do not seek admission every year, but learn a new skill every year”


You want to be a success, please do not be found in the wrong side of town.
If you should have friends, I recommend people who are better and well experienced than you or you can look for people who are on the same wavelength with you, be it in aspirations and driving factors.
Friends can so influence you that I can say categorically that sometimes whatever you become is directly an impact from the actions of the friend you keep. Show me your friend and I will tell who you are.
Do not mingle with loafers, cultist, jesters, party captains and lords, smokers and sniffers… or else by now I think you should know that your life is taking a headlong fall into the ocean of destruction.
In short, anyone that cannot add to your life in any way (physically, spiritually, morally, technically…) should be BLACKLISTED. There should be no room for complacency, because the road is far ahead and any extra baggage should be dropped.

“The more friends you have, the more fun you will have. The fewer friend you have, the fewer your problems!”


This is the deadliest of all mistakes, because if you have not set any plans for tomorrow, brother, this is a free ride to failure, no hidden charges.
We all join the rat race to higher institutions and after that what’s next? We get hooked up in life’s traffic jam!
The main reason you will fail is when you do not even have a plan, so study medicine or guidance and counseling, but without plans, you are NOTHING!
Learn to set goals and plan on how to achieve them. Set task and work towards them. Do not ever think that your parents will always be there to pay your bills or feel you will always get free food and rides. That’s a big fantasy, wake up!
Make achievable plans and set structures to meet them, it might take weeks or months, but what matters is that you are working towards something, unlike others who are working towards nothing.

“He who fails to plan, has definitely planned to fail”


You Initiative (Courtesy: NigerianUniversityScholarships.com)

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