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25 Common Characteristics of Successful Students (Successful Student Series 1)

Trust me, successful students have special qualities that mark them as special and make them outstanding in school. Whenever you come across such students, you simply wonder whether how they manage their own 24 hours and are very effective with it. We often conclude that these students must have been created with better brains, more talents and abilities that the rest. Well, the purpose of this infographic post is to show the common characteristics of successful students – those qualities that are common to all of them – in the form of action points. I sincerely hope you find it enlightening and interesting. Don’t forget to share this with your friends.

25 Common Characteristics of Successful Students (InfoGraphic)

25 Common Characteristics of Successful Students (InfoGraphic)

  1. Always do your best

Successful students always put in their best in everything they do. To them all tasks, even the so-called little and unimportant tasks deserve their best. All successful students are not worried when they fail as long they have convinced themselves that they have done their very best.

  1. Take what you do seriously

Successful students put in a level of seriousness in all they do. This does not mean that they don’t believe in having fun or being relaxed. On the contrary, they simply have a sense of urgency in carrying out their tasks.

  1. Be a good planner

This is an important common characteristic of all successful students. They are good planners. While they leave room for chance and unforeseen contingencies that could cause things to go contrary to plans, they abide the saying that goes, “he who fails to plan, plans to fail”.

  1. Manage money wisely

Successful students understand that money can be a serious cause for unnecessary distractions for a student especially during times when one’s sponsors may not be very financially buoyant. Thus, in other to save themselves the stress accrued to worry, they are frugal in spending.

  1. Apply yourself to your work

A man who is “skillful at his work” and the woman who “delights to work with her hands” will surely succeed. Of course, a person does not become skillful automatically. And few of us enjoy doing things that we are not good at. That’s why successful students put forth enough effort to become good at what they do.

  1. Go after the knowledge

Every successful student considers acquiring the knowledge and understanding the mechanics behind every concept they study more important than passing the exams or getting the good grade and guess what, they still get all the A’s. Isn’t that quite ironical?

  1. Get adequate rest

Getting a good night’s rest is directly linked to high cognitive brain activity and intelligence during the day. Successful students know that the brain is the most daily overworked part of the human body after the heart especially for the student and needs adequate rest to keep functioning at its peak.

  1. Invest in personal development

Another quality they possess is their tendency to always consider self-development important enough to invest greatly in it. Successful students are always spending their time and money attending workshops, trainings, seminars and so on to develop themselves.

  1. Treat yourself and others with respect

There is biblical injunction of Proverbs that says “Choose a good reputation over great riches, for being held in high esteem is better than having silver or gold.” This is a guiding principle for successful students as they strive as much as they can to respect themselves and accord others the same.

  1. Develop a positive view of work

Whether the work is mental, physical, or somewhere in between, successful students recognize that “there is benefit in every kind of hard work.” That’s why they see work as an honorable means to an end – success, ability to provide for your needs and help others with the financial returns, personal satisfaction, self-respect and esteem. “I love the feeling I have after a long day of work,” says Aaron.

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  1. Go the extra mile to learn

Rather than simply doing the minimum, successful students look for ways to do more than is required. They set personal goals and challenge themselves to work better or faster than expected. They take pride in even small details of their work and studies.

  1. Develop a strong value system

Successful students are people of strong value systems. Since self-development is a daily venture, they daily work on themselves and build their value systems on rare virtues such as excellence, love, integrity, hard work, self-control, responsibility, faithfulness, patience and this is endear them to others and leave the rest wondering why people seem to easily like them.

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  1. Understand the power of focus

Successful students understand the potency and importance of focus and this helps them to ward off all forms of distractions caused by youthful exuberances. They apply all of their heart and mind to what they want to achieve and guess what, they keep achieving and succeeding.

  1. Develop self-discipline

Often times, we want to do something but can’t seem to get ourselves to do it. Perhaps, the task is overwhelming, boring or uncomfortable. This is where discipline comes in and successful students have developed that ability and will-power to make themselves do what needs to be done.

  1. Help others as much as you can

Successful students understand that “kind words are like honey – sweet to the soul and healthy for the body”. They take it beyond words to even their actions and whenever it’s in their capacity, they help others out in areas they are especially stronger or better.

  1. Manage your time wisely

“Time is life” and no cliché is more factual when it comes to the subject of time. Since time is life, successful students know that whoever gains control his/her time has gained reasonable control over his life. This is why they try to manage their time as effectively as possible.

  1. Believe in the God-factor

We all have so many names we call this factor; ‘Fate’, ‘Providence’, ‘Destiny’, ‘Infinite Intelligence’, ‘Universe’ and so on. But I prefer the name, ‘God’. Successful students while not being overly religious understand and believe in the power of the supernatural and try to gain mastery there also. Whenever you see them, you can sense their faith and confidence that “all things are possible to him that believes”.

  1. Read voraciously

Humans have been around for a long while now and since the advent of writing, they have always attempted to record their experiences, knowledge and discoveries. Successful students know that the fastest way to learn and become better is through studying other people’s experiences, history and discoveries.

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  1. Have a balanced approach to life

Balance is a thin line drawn between all the important aspects of life (spiritual, physical, mental, financial, social, etc.). Successful students never lose sight of that fact, so they strive to keep the balance between all that is important in life without over-stressing any above the others.

  1. Have a good diet and exercise plan

“Health is wealth” and successful students know that in order to succeed in life, one must stay healthy and fit. Within and outside school, they ensure they eat right and well. They also exercise their body as regularly as possible to stay fit and healthy.

  1. Become a problem solver

Successful students know very well that the world is full of copious problems in need of solutions as well as numerous needs waiting to be satisfied. For that reason, they develop their capacity to solve problems because they also know that success is a result of solving human problems and satisfying human needs.

  1. Be up-to-date in your field

The world is rapidly changing by the second. Successful students develop a ravenous tendency to always want to be up-to-date with global developments especially in their fields to avoid being left behind. They understand and take seriously the concept of ‘trends’.

  1. Get and stay organized

Being as organized as possible all the time can easily be misconstrued as being a perfectionist. While not being overly melancholic about it and leaving room for plan deviations, successful students try to get and stay organized in whatever environment they find themselves.

  1. Engage in other activities that develop you

Extra-curricular activities are very important in that they develop other equally important aspects of our lives. Successful students know this and that’s why they don’t shy away from such activities. Through such activities, some of them become more social, better public speakers and leaders.

  1. Acquire as many related skills as possible

Skills related to one’s field are what differentiate one in the labor market. Successful students know that a first class degree graduate without related skills has fewer chances than even a second class upper degree holder with important practical skills in that field and the ability to do those things that only lectures will not teach you.

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  • The info-graphics makes more interesting to read. I enjoyed reading it esp no 8 but i wouldn't if were just text.
    also love your logo its cool

    1. Thanks, Cherish. How have you been? What's been up with you?

  • Udoibuot, Edikan

    This article is not far from the truth. To be a successful student, I think you need to follow the above very well. Also add this to the above points; no man is an island, no matter how intelligent you are you will definitely need the help of others sometime someday. Have you heard of "Master Mind"? It is such a powerful concept, try also to apply this as a student.

    1. Edikan, that's a very insightful comment. I think I have work to do now - updating that article. We all need our circle of 12 like Jesus had in order to succeed. Like the saying goes, show me your friends and I'll tell you who are. The people we associate ourselves with determine who we become, where we end up in life and what we achieve. Thanks a lot once again for that comment.