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About Nigerian Scholars – What the Vision is?

It is worth-knowing that non-Nigerian historians are used to referring to the inhabitants of Nigeria as a mere conglomeration of groups whose former association with one another were, at best, artificial. Nothing can be further from the truth because this view ignores completely the cultural, trade and other ties, which were and are still quite pervasive.

Today, Nigeria is gradually evolving as a nation. So many issues and debilitating factors are pressing on our growth and progress as a nation. Some groups point blaming fingers at our past colonial masters for merging totally different groups of people together, others blame the past and present leaders for the problems and challenges facing us today. No matter how much we blame the past and present leaders for the problems affecting us, it will not change our situation until we begin to ask ourselves what we can do to better the situation.

What is Nigerian Scholars All About?

Nigerian Scholars is therefore an online platform for keeping yourself abreast on the latest news and happenings in Nigeria as well as the roles you can play in our collective efforts towards creating the Nigeria of our dreams, a place devoid of corruption, violence and tribalism, a nation we can be proud to call our own. Nigerian Scholars simply seek to help you become established as a positive-minded and functional member of the Nigerian society.

Nigerian Scholars is also an online avenue for keeping yourself informed on the latest opportunities in our blessed land, opportunities that can help you pursue your dream in Nigeria. These opportunities range from scholarships to jobs to business and investment opportunities in Nigeria waiting to be seized. Our main objective is to see that ‘Every Nigerian be empowered through change of mindset and inculcation of positive mentality to transform and salvage Nigeria’. This we plan to achieve through this platform.

On the homepage, you will get latest updates and recent posts while on the about page, the page you are scanning through now, the purpose of Nigerian Scholars is made known to you. The page on news contains up-to-date news in Nigeria made available to you with the aim of enabling you ponder on what steps you can take to better the situation of this great nation.

The pages on scholarships on Nigerian Scholars and jobs provide updates on available scholarships and job opportunities in Nigeria that you can maximize to pursue your academic and career dream in Nigeria. The business page takes you further by exposing you to business opportunities, ideas and tips that will help you star up your business in Nigeria, provide job opportunities for others and even become an innovative entrepreneur. Also contained on this page is news on business and economy in the country.

The society category page is where Nigerian Scholars share their opinions on issues affecting the nation as well as important tips and charges for the Nigerian citizen that wishes to be a praiseworthy and representative ambassador for this great nation. Other pages on Nigerian Scholars include entertainment, politics and sports which are still news categories.

Nigeria can become the land of our collective dreams if we work together with unfettered togetherness, unity, oneness, commitment and dedication even with our diverse and different skills, abilities and uniqueness towards nation building. God has great plans for our great nation but we need to partner with Him to see them materialize irrespective of our cultural backgrounds and differences. Remember, personal and individual transformation is the first step towards national and societal transformation. Together, let us learn from the mistakes of the past so that we will not repeat them. I believe in Nigeria, do you? Enjoy your cruise on Nigerian Scholars. God bless Nigeria!

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