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About Nigerian Scholars

Find Information and Pursue Your Academic Dreams

Are you a student in a Nigerian or African university in search of scholarships and other related opportunities? Are you a school leaver seeking admission into a tertiary institution?

Do you have plans to study abroad, further your studies, enlarge your horizon, pursue your academic and career dreams but need help preparing yourself for available viable opportunities?


Pursue Your Academic Career!

We do not claim to have all the answers and tools that you need to secure your future and pursue your academic dreams. However, joining Nigerian Scholars helps you find the answers and tools for yourself.

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Take Free Online Tutorials and Keep Learning

Have you been itching to get better at learning, to learn different subjects and master fundamental skills that will help you navigate the modern world?

We opened our first set of free beta online tutorials for the purpose of testing the platform in July, 2016 and by April 2017, we opened two free ready tutorials on Biology. Currently, we have more than 12,000 registered learners on Nigerian Scholars.


Learn And Expand Your Horizon!


You can choose from different free tutorials designed to help you adequately understand and master the subject, learn at your own pace and expand your horizon.

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  • Austin

    Pls Sir,i so much cherish your lecture in ds platform Most especially ms words,true your platform i can say now i’m quite in tune wt computer,tnk alot.and keep up d good works.

  • Odey,justin Abua

    Pls, this is fantastic,GOD will Bless those set of Nigerians in PTDF,

  • God'sown


    1. Amen. Thank you.

  • You people are really helping us, may God continue to bless and give you people the clue to see that Nigeria is been transform to a great nation.

    1. JP, we say a big AMEN to that. Thanks a lot for that encouragement.