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AAUA Updates – 2014/2015 Registration Procedure and Deadline Details

AAUA 2014/2015 Registration Procedures For All Students:

The authorities of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko (AAUA) wish to announce to all fresh and returning students of the university that the following procedure for registration of fresh and returning students for the 2014/2015 academic session has been approved.

Procedure for Registration of Fresh Students:

1. All newly admitted students must pay the Acceptance Fee of twenty five thousand naira (N25,000.00) only.
2. Those who were admitted into courses they did not initially apply for, shall pay a change of course fee of five thousand naira (N5, 000.00) only.
3. The students are to proceed to print interim letter of admission.
4. The students are to proceed to upload their bio-data and educational qualifications on the University’s Edu-portal.
5. The system automatically clears those that are qualified.
5a.Those that are not qualified may therefore see the PAR (Admissions) and apply for change of course to the course for which they are registrable
6. Those in 5 above shall proceed to pay the prescribed fee for the session and the documentary DVD for AAUA.
7. The students shall proceed to register for the course on-line, submit and print.
8. The printed Registration form is taken to the Department for confirmation of Registration.
9. The students shall proceed to register at the Faculty Office and collect three copies of Student’s files.
10.The students shall therefore proceed to the Student Affairs Unit to register and collect a copy of the University’s Dress Code for students.
11.The students shall submit all relevant documents (triplicate) at the Examinations, Records and Statistics Unit for final clearance. The Examinations, Records and Statistics Unit is to forward the list of cleared students to ICTAC so that their matriculation number could be processed.

Procedure for Registration for Returning Students:

1. Payment of prescribed fee at the designated banks through E-tranzact.
2. Uploading and registration of prescribed courses at the University’s Edu-portal, starting with carry-over courses. The students should then submit and print.
3. Submission to the Department for documentation. All fresh and returning students are to note the approved procedure for registration for 2014/2015 academic session and be properly guided.

Screening, Registration and Documentation of Fresh Students at the Examinations, Records and Statistics Unit of the Registry:

The University authority has observed that there is a recurring problem of incomplete registration and documentation of some fresh students because they do not deem it necessary to report at the Examinations, Records and Statistics Unit for final screening and proper documentation.

The following measures have been approved to reverse this trend.

1. Fresh students are expected to complete their registration, screening and documentation exercise not later than six weeks after orientation.
2. Matriculation numbers are to be issued to students after completion of documentation not later than eight weeks after orientation.
3. Only duly cleared fresh students by the Examinations, Records and Statistics Unit (that is students who have signed the Matriculation Register) should be allowed to sit for the First Semester Examinations.
4. ICTAC is to ensure that the use of UTME Registration Number is rejected for payment of fees after the first year.
5. Any application from an unregistered student shall not be entertained at any level after the first year.
6. Under no condition should a student use UTME Registration number in place of Matriculation Number, and where it happens, results for such students should not be processed.

Deans of Faculty, Heads of Department and all relevant University Functionaries are requested to kindly implement these measures as approved, in order to ensure that the records of our students are properly documented. Furthermore, those new measures are to be passed to all fresh students for their information and compliance.

Bamidele Olotu,

AAUA 2014/2015Registration Deadline For 1st Semester:

This is to inform all students of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, that registration and closure of Edu-Portal for the 1st Semester 2014/2015 academic session is in the fifth (5th) week i.e. March 29- April 4, 2015.

Consequently, the University Administration has put in place some measures to ensure that all students complete their registration in the fifth week.

The measures put in place include:

1.      Any registration during the sixth (6th) week shall attract a late registration fee of two thousand naira (N2, 000.00) only.
2.      Any student who fails to register after the sixth (6th) week shall apply for leave of absence.
3.      Approved back-end registration is to attract an administrative charge of two thousand naira (N2, 000.00) only.

All students of the University are therefore advised to complete their registration on or before the deadline of April 4, 2015 in their own interest as the measures will be strictly implemented.

Furthermore, all returning students who still have issues of matriculation number, shall pay #5,000.00 only to the Bursary Department before the University can rectify such issues.

All Deans and Heads of Department are requested to kindly note these measures for implementation and also give this circular the widest publicity in the University community.

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