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2015 NYSC Batch B Mobilization Timetable – See Details

National Service Youth Corps (NYSC) authorities have officially released the time table for the 2015 batch “B” mobilization exercise. The time-table has been published on the official website of NYSC. NYSC Mobilization Time Table For 2015 Batch B The NYSC Batch B Mobilization Time-Table is detailed below; S/NO Event Date 1 2015 Batch B pre-mobilization workshop. 21st – 24th July ... Continue Reading

National Service Youth Corps (NYSC) authorities have officially released the time table for the 2015 batch “B” mobilization exercise. The time-table has been published on the official website of NYSC.

NYSC Mobilization Time Table For 2015 Batch B

The NYSC Batch B Mobilization Time-Table is detailed below;

12015 Batch B pre-mobilization workshop.21st – 24th July 2015
2Briefing/Sensitization of final year students/prospective corps members.4th – 14th August 2015
3Display of list of all approved programmes for institutions on NYSC portal for cross checking4th – 14th August 2015
4Collation of Prospective Corps Members’ Data by Corps Producing Institutions CPIs31st July – 21st August 2015
5Submission/Uploading of Senate/Academic Board Approved Result for Full/Part-Time Graduates and Revalidation Lists by CPIs24th August – 2nd Sept. 2015
6Uploading of Corrected Lists by Corps Producing Institutions1st – 7th Sept. 2015
7On-line Registration by Foreign and locally Trained Nigerian Graduates8th Sept. – 9th October 2015
8Entertainment of complaints from Prospective Corps Members by the state Deployment and Relocation officers and NYSC Help Desks9th – 16th October 2015
9Forwarding of Complaints to Mobilisation Dept by State Deployment and Relocation officers9th – 16th October 2015
10On-line Delivery of Print-outs to Corps Producing Institutions CPIs9th – 16th October 2015
11Deployment and Printing of Call-up Letters by ICT Dept.14th – 20th October 2015
12Notification/on-line Printing of Call-up Letters21st – 26th October 2015
132015 Batch ‘B’ Orientation Course (stream I)28th October – 16th Nov. 2015
132015 Batch ‘B’ Orientation Course (stream II)25th Nov. – 14th December, 2015

All prospective corps members are to start preparation for their service year immediately as their call-up letters will be printed online using the NYSC Mobile App.The National Youth Service Corps Year comprises of four (4) main segments in which every Corps Members must satisfactorily participate before he/she is qualified to be issued a certificate of National Service. The service year therefore comprises of:
1) Orientation Courses
2) Primary Assignment
3) Community Development Service
4) Winding–Up/Passing–out.

For details on how to check status of Senate Approved List and Print Call-up Letters, visit the link>> NYSC Updates – Check NYSC Senate Approved List for all Institutions.

National service will soon become optional – NYSC DG

The Director-General of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Brig.-Gen. Johnson Olawumi, has revealed that there are plans to make the scheme voluntary for graduates in order to reduce the corps population and sustain it.

Olawumi made the disclosure in a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari, during a briefing of the president with officials of the Federal Ministry of Youth Development, led by the Permanent Secretary, Rabi Jimeta.

In his reaction, the President pledged that his administration will take all necessary actions to maintain and improve the National Youth Service Corps scheme as a functional vehicle for the promotion of national unity and integration.

Buhari affirmed his confidence and trust in the scheme, saying that the objective for which the scheme was established in 1973 was still very relevant for national development.

He said, “I firmly believe in NYSC and I think it should remain a national programme to promote integration.

“Whenever I go home to Daura, I look out for corps members from Lagos, Aba and other parts of the country.

“I am always thrilled to learn that except for the NYSC, some of them have never left their states of origin to visit other cities in the country”, the president added. (NAN)

What You Should Know About NYSC

The NYSC scheme was created in a bid to reconstruct, reconcile and rebuild the country after the Nigerian Civil war. The unfortunate antecedents in our national history gave impetus to the establishment of the National Youth Service Corps by decree No.24 of 22nd May 1973 which stated that the NYSC is being established “with a view to the proper encouragement and development of common ties among the youths of Nigeria and the promotion of national unity”.

As a developing country. Nigeria is further plagued by the problems attendant upon a condition of under development, namely; poverty. mass illiteracy, acute shortage of high skilled manpower (coupled with most uneven distribution of the skilled people that are available), woefully inadequate socioeconomic infrastructural facilities, housing. Water and sewage facilities, road, healthcare services, and effective communication system. . Faced with these almost intractable problems, which were further compounded by the burden of reconstruction after the civil war, the government and people of Nigeria set for the country, fresh goals, and objectives aimed at establishing Nigeria as:

  • A united, strong and selfreliant nation
  • a great and dynamic economy
  • a land of bright and full opportunities for all citizens
  • The government and people of Nigeria are not aware that sound and patriotic leadership is a precondition for the rapid social and economic development of the country. As a nation, Nigeria has been less fortunate in the kind of leadership that emerge to govern the affairs of the country in the period immediately after independence, a leadership whose achievements notwithstanding, was none the less ill-prepared. and generally not properly motivated to tackle the problems of socioeconomic under development, in the interest of the country as a whole.
  • There is no gain saying the fact that the future of any country depends on the youths. The youths of Nigeria acknowledge this fact, and have consistently laid claim to the nation’s leadership.
  • While one may give credence to the saying that leaders are born, not made, one must also concede to the fact that leadership in a modem society requires a certain degree of preparation and orientation before the assumption of that role.
  • The universities and other institutions of higher learning are normally expected to be training ground for future leaders, except that, as we are all aware, these institutions are first and foremost committed to the advancement of learning and knowledge, training of people for good citizenship. Little wonder that the products of these institutions have been accused of being too elitist in their outlook, of not identifying with the plight of common man, and of inability to appreciate predicament of the vast majority of our people who live in the rural areas.
  • It was the need to look beyond the immediate present and to think of the future leadership of the country that necessitated the mobilisation of certain categories of our youths through the National Youth Service Corps Scheme. This was done with a view to giving them the proper guidance and orientation relevant to the needs of the country. The National Youth Setvice Corps Decree No. 24 which has now been repealed and replaced by Decree 51 of 16th June 1993, was then formally promulgated.
  • The purpose of the scheme is primarily to inculcate in Nigerian Youths the spirit of selfless service to the community, and to emphasize the spirit of oneness and brotherhood of all Nigerians, irrespective of cultural or social background. The history of our country since independence has clearly indicated the need for unity amongst all our people, and demonstrated the fact that no cultural or geographical entity can exist in isolation.

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    1. Aiden, I have given the directions in the other post you commented on.

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    1. I say a big AMEN for everyone with issues! Thank you sir!

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    1. Thank you so much, sir for that comment. I’m glad to be of help and service. I say a big AMEN to your prayers.

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    Comments (required) i want to appreciate God for everything his as done in my life and entire of library and information science department , infact God really show us his goodness and mercy, a few day a go the problem we have with jamb before as been settled, now we have done our nysc online registration , to the of God we are waite for our call up letter now. And i want to this great opportunity to say Daniel thank u, for your concern and the rest people who show great concern God bless you, may your God and my God reward u, thanks GoodniGht

    1. Isaiah, I’m really happy for you all. Thanks a lot for your appreciation, Sir. I’m glad I could do something to help. I wish you all success in your service.

  • Alhaji Okoliko Isaiah

    Comments (required)daniel, thanks for your concern. But all we need is prayer for God intervain. Daniel, am really appreciate for your concern.

    1. Isaiah, it’s my pleasure. God will help us, my brother. Please keep me informed about your progress. Thanks again.

  • Alhaji Okoliko Isaiah

    Comments (required) to me all my department are facing problem of jamb registration pin does not exist up to now non of us can not do online registration , actually we are aready forword our complain to school management no repons yet, if fG can intervain this matter very greatful say by entire library information sc kogi state polytechnic lokoja ,

    1. Isaiah, I’m really sorry for your predicament. Please, let’s be patient with your school and give them some time.

  • Elfreda Oghale Emebu

    Please i graduated from hnaub in cotonou. I want to know if going to abuja is necessary or i should just go ahead and register online right away. Thanks

    1. Emebu, is your name on the senate list? If not, you may need to go to Abuja or try contacting them first to know where you stand before you register online.

      Here are all their official contact details:

      Telephone: 08090493228, 08090493229

      Plot 416, Tigris Cresent
      Off Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama.
      PMB 138, Garki ,Abuja.


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  • Alhaji Okoliko Isaiah

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    1. Isaiah, thanks for that insight.

  • Jennifer

    You dnt have to panic, u are already mobilised wat u saw on ur statue only means dat ur sch has not uploaded ur records yet which i believe is done now so go bk 2 d senate list and check again.Good luck.

  • Ugboaja Oluchukwu

    goodevening .. Am Ugboaja oluchukwu am having in finding my name in the senate approve list ..pls help

    1. Oluchi, you need to contact your school. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Ukpokodu Omone

    I graduated from Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma,department of public Administration,please how do I check if my name is in the senate list…..please I really need your reply I don’t want to miss this batch

    1. Omone, follow the following procedure:
      1. Visit the Nysc registration portal via the website below;

      2. Select your Institution (i.e School you graduated from)

      3. Enter your Matriculation Number and Surname in the spaces provided

      4. Select your date of birth

      5. Clicl the SEARCH button to access the mobilization list.

  • Alhaji Okoliko Isaiah

    i graduate from kogi state polytechnic lokoja department of library and information science i want to do nysc registration online

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    pls wat can I do I check my name in d senate list and every tin is correct but in d statue d said matrix no. not in use create a fresh account.

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    1. Isaiah, you’re right. Honestly, FG really must increase their payment.

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