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Study Physics Online For Free

Choose from these few free tutorials designed to help you explore and enjoy the subject of Physics. Learn at your own pace and expand your horizon.

"Never forget! If you are patient and persistent enough, you can learn and master anything."

Available Free Tutorials


Physics 101: Vectors and Scalars

Subject Area: Physics

Topics explored include mathematical skills for science, physical quantities and units, scientific method, scalars and vectors as well as vectors in two dimensions.

52 Lessons 15 Topics 6 hours

Physics 102: One-Dimensional Motion

Subject Area: Physics

Topics explored include reference frames, speed, velocity, acceleration, instantaneous velocity, description of motion, equations of motion, and vertical projectile motion.

36 Lessons 10 Topics 4 hours

Physics 103: Newton's Laws

Subject Area: Physics

Topics explored include forces, types of forces Newton's first, second and third laws of motion, Newton's law of universal gravitation as well as forces between masses.

33 Lessons 5 Topics 4 hours

Physics 104: Work, Energy and Power

Subject Area: Physics

Topics explored include mechanical, potential and kinetic energy, conservation of mechanical energy, work, work-energy theorem, conservation of energy and power.

28 Lessons 12 Topics 4 hours

Physics 201: Introducing Motion

Subject Area: Physics

Topics explored include the nature of science and physics, physical quantities, time, velocity, speed and acceleration, one-dimensional and two-dimensional kinematics.

56 Lessons 17 Topics 7 hours

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